Monday, August 31, 2009

Meeting the customers

Yesterday was a crazy day! We woke up early after a wild night party at my friends wedding and loaded the car with boxes filled with clothes for the outlet.

One year ago, when the first collection from Ravishing Mad was released, we over produced some of the garments of the collection. It's so hard for a new label to get buyers and to be discovered... so in order to get the stuff out there, it's usual to sell on consignment in the beginning. The down side to it is that some shops tend to ask for a lot more than they can actually sell and we didn't know that. So now we had a stock of clothes from last Autumn that we needed to get rid of. Consignment is hopeless unless the shop uses it to try out a new brand and has the intention to buy if everything work out well. The stuff we had was fortunately pretty timeless, so we can continue the outlet on our web shop that is opening very soon.

It was especially nice to meet the customers! Surprisingly the the ladies liked the big pocket jeans more than the girls, and the men and the children tended to like our prints more than the women. I remember this boy of maybe 7, that kept asking his mother to buy him the black and white striped top from a/w-08 because he wanted it for his soccer practice. There were quite some guys that fell in love with the jeans and I'm delighted that this beautiful boy bought the last piece of the oversize knitted blue sweater!

Tomorrow is the preview fabric fair in Copenhagen and I'm going there together with Nette from the label Lagom.

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