Wednesday, March 3, 2010

To john and yoko

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Here is the first out of 10 paraphrases from Ravishing Mad. My husband Truls Bråhammar and I made this poster/video with our dear friends André De Loisted and meconium aka Mårten Charlie Stener Damgaard. I just sent out the press release so I thought I'd just put it up here on the blog too. And yeah, the video that comes along with this photo is on our homepage or below in the You Tube clip.

The new era of fashion videos
The Swedish fashion designer behind the label Ravishing Mad, Anna Österlund, is announcing a new project called Paraphrase. Ten different interpretations of known photographies will be released in the name of Ravishing Mad, and with each photo comes a video.

First out is a paraphrase of Annie Leibovitz’ photo of John Lennon and Yoko Ono for a Rolling Stone magazine cover in 1980. Husband and wife Anna Österlund and Truls Bråhammar, co-owners of Ravishing Mad, have been portrayed in their own home by photographer André De Loisted. A video was made simultaneously to show the process of taking of the photo, and was then edited with music composed by meconium aka Mårten C.S. Damgaard.

Showing you the behind the set photage is our way of telling you what our work really is about. We are just a bunch of artists thattry to make it. And we have fun along the way.

When watching this serie of videos and photographies you are given a glimpse of the entity we are in the beginning of creating. By working with these paraphrases we are allowed to collaborate with friends and artists within photograpy, music and film and the borders between the art forms become blurred. In the middle of that muddle, our world of fashion is revealed.

Ravishing Mad is showing their Autumn/Winter –10 Collection at Rendez Vous Paris (Espace Cardin) 4’th – 9’th of March.

“to john and yoko”
a ravishing mad paraphrase 1/10
photo by andré de loisted
music by meconium
clothes by ravishing mad
design by anna österlund

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