Monday, February 28, 2011

Ravishing Mad in Paris at Capsule

Photo: André de Loisted
This week I'm going to Paris Women's Fashion Week to show at (capsule) and I hope to see you there! Come by the showroom in Marais where I'll  be with my good friend A-K/C. Opening hours are 10am-7pm March 5-7. Welcome!!!

Garage Turenne
66 Rue De Turenne
Paris, 75003
March 5-7 2011

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kulturplats Lagret - Pimp ur clothes

Two weeks ago this 15 year old boy Kevin called me up and told me how he and two other kids were about to arrange a fashion workshop for other teens. They wanted me to join them for inspiration and for fun and how could I say no to that?

Wednesday evening we had a creative clash for a few hours at the youth center Kulturplats Lagret in the old chocolate factory in Malmö and lots of other cool kids came by. They had collected plain white t-shirts and caps, piles of zippers, rivets, metal chains, glue on badges, and loads of markers in every colour possible. I brought a couple of sewing machines and it was pretty damn cool how fearlessly engaged they were in turning those t-shirts into personalized garments. Not even the kids that arranged the whole thing were used to sewing, so all kudos to them for trying out something new! I showed them how to sew zippers, screen print with open frames on  wrinkled garments and so on and incidentally I asked if they by any chance had any spray cans. As it turned out they had a big cabinet filled to the rim with all colours imaginable and we started spraying like crazy. We had so much fun, I so wanna do something like this with them soon again.

Lagret is an awesome place for teens that I had no idea excisted, they can come there for free two evenings a week and realize any creative ideas they have and it's fully equiped with a recording studio, screen print equipment, lots of space, a chill out corner, good music, and anything you could need to draw, do graffitty, write, film, you name it. The best of all is that the projects are run by the teens themselves with a little help from a couple of grown ups.