Saturday, March 10, 2012

The New Direction

Seasons are my enemy, it's not like you'd say that a book written last year or 10 years ago is not worth reading. Always getting back to my hatred for seasonal must-haves and the colour of the season. Anyway, I'm glad that I'm not the only one thinking about these issues and I'm so excited over the new brand Honest by, let's follow their example!

Right now I'm working on a collection evolving around my recent bike conkout and it's turning into a dark story. I'm also starting up the work with a short film scripted after receiving a breathtakingly ravishing yet mad letter from my actor/writer friend Joanna Pickering. Poetically and unpronounced she tells me about the night when she was badly injured and almost lost her foot when in Buenos Aires wearing an exquisite Chloë dress grey...and leaving me with more questions about the event than I had before reading it. It's turning into a collection and an installation too,  I can't wait!

On top of that I'm art directing a German bike company which makes the coolest and most innovative bikes in the industry. You could say they are still the underdogs that now is surprising everyone with their crazy and awesome new methods and the big boys need to watch out. We started out at the turn of the year and I have so far come up with a whole new look for their graphic communication that will reflect the innovation they already have in their bikes. Things have started out great and we're having so much fun together, they're totally embracing my ideas and it's quite cool of them I think to be so brave about change.

Next week I'm releasing a new video for composer Mikael Karlsson. I have interpreted his work in a short film in the setting of an Autumn forest, a pond, children turning manic, and the colour of blod...

Yes, and what more? I need to start blogging again and keep you updated...last week I returned to Stockholm to lecture and run a workshop with the cross-disciplinary students at the college course Beyond Fashion at Mälardalens högskola. The students of this semester were quite cool and I loved the stuff they came up with. Most of them are already working professionally in the creative business now wanting to explore how to take it to the next level by mixing fashion, film, dance, music and performance acts. It's great to have students that know how to add to a workshop and that understand conceptual thinking!