Monday, December 12, 2011

Borrowing designer clothes

Berlin stylist Valerie Oster found me on the web earlier this Autumn and she borrows Ravishing Mad every now and then. She has the perfect relaxed yet cocky and androgynous Berlin style that I love so much and I was thrilled to see this Look At Me feature of her in Fashiondaily TV showing her favourite outfit right now. The vest with the long pockets are actually the upper part of the Ravishing Mad assdoor jumpsuit from SS-11!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oh hello what am I doing?

Berlin Fashion Week is treating me to do my own fashion show in January, thank you, satan is now behind me! I'm spending the day draping and it looks like a vehicle canopy, this thing that I'm shaping...and this awesome soundtrack is on repeat.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My own evolution, Darwin and I we're like this tight

I made these sketches last Summer and they have been pinned to my wall for quite a while now together with the DIY stencil that I used to make custom shopping bags for the pop up store. It has become all shiny, hard and curly from all the spraying and gets more beautiful for each time I use it.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shooting with Joy

A really cool girl named Joy Liljegren wrote me this Autumn and asked to join in this little world I have going on. I liked her way and I loved how she instantly dug into anything I threw at her. Last week I asked her to interpret Ravishing Mad by styling a photo shoot with any clothes she wanted, with any brand and any accessories. I especially liked the black dog bones and the liquorice necklace she came up with and while the storm was torturing everyone else, we built our own world in...yes of course a basement. You know I have a weakness for basements and imagine my lucky grin when I found this 100 year old basement with secret chambers and labyrinth like passages covering a whole block under my friend's house. Agnes was so perfect, calm and fun, melancholic and crazy, anything I asked for. See more of my photos here.

Stylist: Joy Liljegren         Model: Agnes Madsen
Photo: Anna Österlund

Who's beat?

Dearest Truls, my love, was as I completely beat after painting all the jeans and on top of that he bravely got into those fresh lowrise ones and threw himself in a trashy corner of the forsaken old shopping mall that we had sieged for the past week. What won't we do for a pretty pic?