Thursday, October 15, 2009

New pics

I did a photo shoot a few weeks ago with photographer Magnus Österhult and models Ida Kyllerman and Simon Brentén. Here is parts of the result! It looks like they want to kill us, he he. We had so much fun over Simon's gaze. You crazy boy, I love it!

Most of the clothes on these pics will be out in stores and in our webshop soon...! I'm going to deliver the striped military inspired jacket to the boutique Flex-Fashion-Interior in Berlin in the beginning of November...and a German magazine is right now borrowing the same jacket for a shoot next week :-)

The rest of the garments you see on the these particular pictures will be sold in stores in Tokyo, New York and Edinburgh from January on.

Oh, I visited a factory last week and took lots and lots of pictures. I thought it might be fun for you guys to see some machine porn! I love the mechanic look of machines and I'll show you as soon as I have uploaded the photos!

take care xoxo Anna

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Please, won't you love me a bit more?

First of all I'll just give you this sneak peak from Spring/Summer-10. Will this be a bestseller? People pretend to like it anyway...well, I like it.

I am definitely an evening person and I dread for tomorrow morning! My train leaves the Central Station at 07.14 for Borås, the textile Mekka of Sweden. I have appointments with a couple of fabric agents and a sewing facory that hopefully will be able to help me with sampling. I'll bring the camera!

I've been at home not working for a while now and I'm booooored...and behind schedule! I don't have the time to get ill, and for that same reason I have ended up right where I am at the moment. These first couple of years with RM is a PAIN! I long for the day when I can afford a staff. Please, everyone out there, won't you love me a bit more? Or just give me a fucking chance!

Anyway, I'm feeling better now and I'm ready to get down to business!!! Yesterday I got an update from New York and was told that a couple of stores now have confirmed their orders for the upcoming Spring/Summer. On top of it all I just received a lovely e-mail from Wesley at Made From Plastic who loves my designs! Thanks W, you made my day!