Friday, April 27, 2012

Deathline - The Band

Truls and I are in London and yesterday we spent the whole evening with Kaoru from the excellent band Deathline and had a loooong and inspirational talk about anything and everything. We've never met before but found each other immediately and I'm so looking forward to the work we're gonna do together!

They're just about to release a new single Ten of Clubs in May and their second album in the Autumn follwed by a tour and I'll do my best to make sure they get to Sweden too!

I've heard three tracks from the new album and fell for them hard, they've kept their raw underground rock style yet the production is more worked through than before and Jennys deep voice makes me want to start singing, bad idea *giggles*.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

One Window Gallery Malmö

Picture belongs to One Window Gallery
One Window Gallery opens on May 1'st on Östervärnsgatan 16C in Malmö and is showcasing one new artist a month in a street level window. I'm going to show there September 16 to October 12, woohooo!

The woman behind this gallery is multi-artist Helena Alvesalo who recently moved into an apartment on this address. In the window of her bedroom she placed two big ceramic scultptures and she instantly noticed how people passing by stopped to have a look, pointing, smiling. One day a whole kindergarten class stood outside the window peeking and babbling and she realized it was time to start One Window Gallery.

It's a minimalistic gallery for the people passing by, a street gallery with room for only one piece of art at a time. Most visitors are prolly not frequently running to art galleries, some are commutators, some are pensionists,  some live in Värnhem and some are in the neighbourhood to visit their lover. But what they all have in common is to pass this window.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Talking with Anna Österlund

As you know I sometimes run workshops at universities, colleges and at various companies in creative methods and lecture about fashion and identity from a sociological point of view, both in Sweden and abroad. This interview was filmed in November last year when a bunch of girls from Friskusprojektet came over to my place to hear my thoughts on fashion, film and creativity. It's a local democracy thing going on here in Malmö that any woman between 15 and 25 can take part in for free. They meet every second week to either discuss film, make their own films, or visit someone that works with it. Their goal is to strengthen women and give them tools to develop confidence in themselves and make for changes in society  no matter of their origin or social group. We had tea in my sofa and I got so inspired by all of their questions and ideas and here is a five minute clip from our session together. It's in Swedish though...

It was filmed and edited by Helena Alvesalo who also run the communication bureau Omnia Minima. I met her a week after and she had been so inspired by our talk that she had printed the words "pants" on her pants, "shirt" on her shirts and so on. I loved that idea!!!

The background music is by the excellent musician Anna Jadéus who you most definately should check out, the stuff with her singing on that you find on her Myspace or on Spotify is great, and actually quite different and more of a singer/songwriter style than what you here in the clip.

In Front of the Camera

Anna Österlund in clothes by Jenny Grettve
Most of the time I'm behind the camera but sometimes I just happen to sneak in front of it too. Here's an editorial of me showing the SS-12 collection by Jenny Grettve in the magazine Upright. Check out her webshop too!