Monday, August 31, 2009

Meeting the customers

Yesterday was a crazy day! We woke up early after a wild night party at my friends wedding and loaded the car with boxes filled with clothes for the outlet.

One year ago, when the first collection from Ravishing Mad was released, we over produced some of the garments of the collection. It's so hard for a new label to get buyers and to be discovered... so in order to get the stuff out there, it's usual to sell on consignment in the beginning. The down side to it is that some shops tend to ask for a lot more than they can actually sell and we didn't know that. So now we had a stock of clothes from last Autumn that we needed to get rid of. Consignment is hopeless unless the shop uses it to try out a new brand and has the intention to buy if everything work out well. The stuff we had was fortunately pretty timeless, so we can continue the outlet on our web shop that is opening very soon.

It was especially nice to meet the customers! Surprisingly the the ladies liked the big pocket jeans more than the girls, and the men and the children tended to like our prints more than the women. I remember this boy of maybe 7, that kept asking his mother to buy him the black and white striped top from a/w-08 because he wanted it for his soccer practice. There were quite some guys that fell in love with the jeans and I'm delighted that this beautiful boy bought the last piece of the oversize knitted blue sweater!

Tomorrow is the preview fabric fair in Copenhagen and I'm going there together with Nette from the label Lagom.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Home from Sthlm.

Preview fabric fair in Stockholm this week. Found lots of good denim and knitted fabrics for Autumn/Winter-10. Now weekend...which in this particular case means that we might bump in to each other. Outlet on Sunday in Malmö on S:t Knuts Torg where we have rented a space for the day at Stajl by Malmö. Old collections, samples and lots of jeans and cash is king! I can promise you VERY good prices! Opening hours are 12 am to 8 pm.

xo Anna

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wild mood swings

What a fabulous life I live!!! I know I was down a bit today, but I got right up again. And that's that about that!

I spent the evening volunteering at the Victoria Theatre serving film people wine at the 20'th Century Fox's Midsummer theme evening. Everyone was cheerful and jolly (always wanted to use that word but I never seem to say it as spontaneous as those who get it right). The quote of the night was when I answered one of the guest that the snaps was finnished. A few minutes later I realized that he was the producer of the film of the evening (we had especially saved a few snaps for him and his crew since they were arriving late). I turned to him and said: -Sorry, I didn't quite understand that you were acutally you! And he answered with a laughter (and a hint of embarrasment): -Oh, I don't understand that half of the time either!

Humbleness within stardom makes me smile! So after a very successful evening with fantastic people, my temper is for the moment plesant and let's see what happens tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cleaner, but not clean

I'm trying to find a ticket to Stockholm...and the stupid last minute auction didn't have any tickets for tomorrow! I'm going to work it out somehow. I have booked some meetings in Stockholm this week to see new fabrics for A/W-10.
I'm in the middle of my twice a year swinging mood disorder that always occurs when I'm about to create a new collection. What a PAIN! I don't believe I'm av very pleasant person at the moment. At least we cleaned up the working space yesterday in a vein effort to please my heavy mood. Parts of the floor is actually visible now, which is a humongous step forward.

Who are you?

I always wonder who is wearing Ravishing Mad....Who are you? I received this photo from Matthias in Berlin yesterday and I think he looks great! If you have a Ravishing Mad garment, you are more than welcome to send me some pics and comments!

"First it was a little odd to wear them but now its one of my favorite" Matthias, Berlin

Monday, August 24, 2009

Extra tank top for S/S-10

I wore this tank top from the S/S-09 collection during Copenhagen Fashion Week and received some nice comments. So I decided to just add it to S/S-10, never mind that it didn't make it to the catalog!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You just wait and see!

So...I decided to start a brand. It wasn't the easiest way to go, but I did it. Two years later I suddenly felt the urge to tell you about it. I want to tell you the naked truth about it all and just skip that happy shiny facade that is so easy to put on. I am most of the time happy, but sometimes destroyed, and I do take the time to have a few moments of bitterness too. Nothing to brag about, but I promised the truth, didn't I?
I decided to write in English, which (obviously) isn't my mother tongue. But you see, no one really cares about me here in Sweden. Here I'm just one in a million...-If you're a Swede, start a brand! Sounds like a tautology!
But I will be someone to remember, you just wait and see!

xoxo Anna

Friday, August 7, 2009

Rebekka Maria

The Danish artist Rebekka Maria fell in love with our big pocket jeans from the upcoming A/W-09 collection! Of course we wanted her to have a pair and she got them just in time for the MTV party in Copenhagen.

We just got her new record and it is so good, I dance to it almost every day!!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jeans delivery to Vibskov

It's wonderful that so many of you love our jeans and I want to thank you for all the nice e-mails :-) You make me so happy!!! Marv and High rise will stay with us for many seasons and we'll add new colours as we go along.
Here is a list of shops that stock the High Rise women´s jeans and Marv men´s jeans:

Henrik Vibskov boutique in Copenhagen, Denmark
What about the Future? in Vienna, Austria
Bespoke Boutique in Norwich, UK

xoxo Anna

Photo shoot S/S-10

We shot the new collection of S/S-10 this weekend at the fantastic Victoria Theater in Malmö. It was built as a cinema in 1912, but is now mainly used as a Theater. The pics will be out when the fashion weeks start in July, but the collection won't be out until beginning of next year. Hope you'll love it!

Christian Kapusta in Dolly Daggers joined us for the day as male model and Sylvia Ekman, my old time friend from Stockholm, as female model. Photo: Stefano Galli. Check it out below:

About Ravishing Mad

Ravishing mad has a passion for contrasts and each of our creations is a tribute to individual style. Ravishing is imperative, fun is important, sweet is not. If you are going to be different, be so different that it matters. The name Ravishing Mad is an allusion to our concept: playful contrasts between the surreal world of fairytales and the harsh reality. A reaction to the slick and straying away from the strict. Escape the reality for a moment, live the life of an antihero or a dreamer. Our collections offer women‘s, men’s and unisex styles, both in ready-to-wear and more extreme versions.

With references made to the worlds of rock, punk, comics and other contemporary cultural phenomena, the garments are intelligently designed, aimed at drawing attention to specific parts of the body. High jeans with curved waistline, for example, apparently lengthen legs, an illusion further kept by long back pockets. Swedish founder and designer Anna Österlund lives and works in Malmö and graduated with a BA in fashion design at the Swedish School of Textiles in Borås in 2006. In 2005 she was rewarded with the KappAhl Design Award during the Stockholm Fashion Week.