Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wild mood swings

What a fabulous life I live!!! I know I was down a bit today, but I got right up again. And that's that about that!

I spent the evening volunteering at the Victoria Theatre serving film people wine at the 20'th Century Fox's Midsummer theme evening. Everyone was cheerful and jolly (always wanted to use that word but I never seem to say it as spontaneous as those who get it right). The quote of the night was when I answered one of the guest that the snaps was finnished. A few minutes later I realized that he was the producer of the film of the evening (we had especially saved a few snaps for him and his crew since they were arriving late). I turned to him and said: -Sorry, I didn't quite understand that you were acutally you! And he answered with a laughter (and a hint of embarrasment): -Oh, I don't understand that half of the time either!

Humbleness within stardom makes me smile! So after a very successful evening with fantastic people, my temper is for the moment plesant and let's see what happens tomorrow!

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