Friday, December 31, 2010

Man oh man

This one must be the best one I've ever done and it's not even ready yet. I can't wait to show it to you guys...I'll upload some of the sketches right after New Years. It's so intense everything right now, and yeah on top of that the mix tape is just enhancing the whole situation. I feel so much and as if that's not enough I steal the feelings of others too. It's all channelized into shapes, texts, lyrics, concepts, drawings, clothes and a whole lot of other ideas. This flow is groovy, can't stop it, can't help myself, everything has turned clear.

Yeah baby yeah!

The creativity coming out of this shit is wicked and divine, so fuck you all out there for fucking with me.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Vice Magazine / Ravishing Mad Christmas Gift

Merry Christmas friends!!! Vice Magazine Denmark is giving away a pair of Ravishing Mad High Rise Jeans and Marv Jeans today. Log on to Facebook and write a comment to this photo on their wall and maybe you'll get lucky this very white Christmas Eve!
We still have some left in the webshop in case you fall in love with them...

Lots of Christmas love from Vice and Ravmad!

Monday, December 20, 2010


Thank you Rac boutique in Toronto for being so cool! You are promoting Ravishing Mad as hell and it seems lately we get cred everywhere and anywhere thanks to you!!! :-) I just found out that you mentioned us as one of your "up and coming designers" in the bit about your shop in the new Blackbook with Kristen Dunst!

Image from Blackbook

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ravishing Mad at (capsule)

We have booked to show at (capsule) during next Women's Paris Fashion Week March 5-7 2011, at 25 Rue Toudic, 75010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rav Mad Blog

I needed a somewhere to collect all the wickedness I find on the interweb, so I started one more blog were I'll post links and clips to the best music, art, films, fashion and so on. Call it Rav Mad.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Your opinion on jeans sizing?

Dear Friends,
I need your help! The last couple of months things have fiiiiinally changed and normal sized people are giving me some love! So let's do this, let's together decide on the sizing.

Ravishing Mad is still a small brand and it's oh so expensive to produce a stock of jeans in all our different colours and styles. The first couple of seasons most stores that bought from us were only interested in women's sizes 26",27",28",29" and they even started asking for smaller sizes. I did produce size 30" anyway but rarely sold any of those until just recently (and now I have only 1 pair of 30" left in the webshop). This phenomena seemed incredibly odd to me, but then again I couldn't afford to keep a stock of something that no one showed any interest in.

So, will you please be a sweetheart and give me some suggestions on sizes for High Rise? Legs are always long to make sure they fit as many as possible, it's easier to shorten than lengthen, right? Waist size last season was 25",26",27",28",29",30" and I'm adding 31" and 32" for sure, but the question is: is there any interest out there for more sizes, and in that case which???

Please fill the comment field below with all your thoughts (at the bottom of this post), and you'll MAKE MY DAY!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

As lonely as I

I grabbed your arm, and you let me steer
I bet that you knew, where it would lead
pulling and tearing, I knew what I wanted
why do you tease me, tease me to pieces?

You can’t read my mind, mysterious skin
well truth is darling, I got it all wrong
cause I want what you have, and I have what you need
but the need that you have, is not to be needed

I will tear you up, and scream out loud
face all fears, till the air runs out
I wanna hit real hard, and shake you well
have you ever felt lonely, as lonely as I?

I am sorry for fooling, those who were sorry
for upward and forward, for turning to sorrow
strong and fulfilling, I marched to your beat
so sorry for wanting, what no one expects

Disregarding the fact, that I am still here
reject or unwind, oh silence shreds
miming or whispering, at the top of my lungs
have you ever been lonely, as lonely as I?