Friday, April 16, 2010

Ravishing Mad music

street fighting man in ravishing mad clothes at plezuro in stockholm

street fighting man in ravishing mad clothes at plezuro in stockholmYesterday at Plezuro was sooooo good! i showed the three first films from my paraphrase project and it makes me truly happy that you enjoyed them. They're gonna be followed by seven more films before the Summer :-) Hahaha, it was so funny with all the sms' I received from you guys "I see you Anna!". We streamed the whole gig from the homepage and 134 people in total followed us. I know the sound and visual was so so, but you know cheap web cams...the day I'm rich and famous I'm gonna treat you with extra, extra, super, uber, proper quality broadcasts! For this gig I prioritized free beer for all the irl people

Here are some pics from yesterday when Street Fighting Man played with us, shot by Jesper Nyreröd, who does band gigs alot. Thanks for the pics!

Street Fighting Man are simply top notch. We immediately started talking about more collaborations! Eric Turner, the singer, wore the struggling musician cardigan and didn't want to take it off after, so I'm gonna make him one for their next gig when they're opening for The Sounds in Stockholm on the 29'th of April. I dressed all of the guys in in RM yesterday and they were so sweet and happy about it, I'm glad to have met them.

And we're gonna start making clothes together. Eric makes fantastic artwork for the band and I'm sure we'll make magic together. I'm meeting all the guys at the studio today to talk more about it! It's so funny, the person he visualizes being the actual street fighting man is a spitting image of my ideas of the ravishing mad man. He's a struggling, quiet, but yet solid hero with a heart of gold, walking the streets in his crazy clothes and fighting the army of conformity.

kat boelskovI've received lots of questions about the music and photage from the films I showed you yesterday, so here are some links:
first film "to john and yoko" music by meconium
second film "to libertines" music by Kat Boelskov
third film "justify my love / or first smoke" music by Sir Charles (contact me for more info)
they are all photographed and filmed by André de Loisted, and I clipped them together with my husband Truls Bråhammar

The musicians are all unsigned and upcoming artists and they are also showing their pretty faces in the films. Kat Boelskov (on the photo) just released her first album in February and is becoming huge at the internet right now. Spread the word!!! Oh yeah, one more thing, if you're an upcoming artist yourself, don't hesitate to contact me! I promote everyone I work with like hell, it'll be fun!

The music that was on during the night was a five hour playlist I made on Spotify the night before the gig. It turned out pretty good so I thought I'd share it with you. You can find it here: ravishing mad playlist.

Thank you so much for yesterday, days like that make me wanna never go to sleep again!

The first of the three videos we showed last night is here down below.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Street Fighting Man & Ravishing Mad

street fighting manPress gig in Stockholm April 15, 2010
Thursday next week, I've arranged for probably the finest press evening within living memory together with the tiny boutique Plezuro in Stockholm. The proper cool band Street Fighting Man will perform and I'm gonna show you the three first videos from the Ravishing Mad paraphrase project. And never the less: there will be wicked clothes for wicked prices and treat-beer, could it be any better?
Read press release in Swedish here

However, since there's no room to swing a cat, there is a guest list. The band will take up probably 1/3 or the space, so write to me to get an invitation.
The night will be streamed on the Ravishing Mad homepage though, so in one way or another you can all be part of this!

street fighting manStreet Fighting Man
It is early 2008 and one of Sweden's most hyped band at the moment, Street Fighting Man, has just released its first EP/single "Raise it". The highly acclaimed video by Daniel Kellerman was running hot on both ZTV and MTV and Street Fighting Man is drawing crowded houses when they during the Summer the same year enter the studio to begin the recordings of their debut album.
2010. One and a half year, two producers, a pilgrimage and countless fights later is it finally here. S.F.M:s debut album. The record no one dared to hope for.

The album (name tba..) is released June 11'th 2010, with single releases both before and after - again with videos in collaboration with Daniel Kellerman. The 29'th of April is S.F.M. opening for The Sounds at Debaser Medis in Stockholm.

Ravishing Madravishing mad, ida annie kyllerman, mårten charlie stener damgaard, swedish denim, brand in malmö, svenska jeans, jeansmärke i malmö, rock and roll jeans
The new denim brand Ravishing Mad has since the launch two years ago already been celebrated around the world by magazines such as Code Magazine, Collezioni and Sportswear International. The rock 'n' roll women, men and unisex collections have been described as "a reinvention of denim" (Collezioni Sport and Street) and consist of a unique combination of draped garments and new cuts.
The Malmö based brand was discovered already in the very beginning by Henrik Vibskov, who is selling the jeans in his shops in Oslo and Copenhagen. Ravishing Mad can be found in stores in Europe and North America and is shown at the fashion weeks of Berlin, Paris and New York. In Sweden, Plezuro is one of the very few places where the collections can be bought.

Ravishing Mad's video/photo project consists of a series of ten paraphrases of known photographs. Each film, á 3 minutes, shows the story behind the making of the photo and is made in collaboration with musicians, photographers and artists. During the evening, the three first videos will be shown.

Plezuroplezuro stockholm
The tiny store Plezuro at Rörstrandsgatan is one of the most talked-about independent shops in Stockholm right now, and is cutting edge when it comes to mixing fashion, music, books, art and lifestyle. New brands such as Odeur, Ravishing Mad, Smiley Vintage and Edith & Ella, that are hard to get a hand on in Sweden, are well represented along side with unestablished artists covering the walls. Plezuro has been described as "like a sweet raisin in the cake" ( and "a little grain of gold that you gladly return to once you've found it" (

The store owner, Johanna Westin, has since the start almost three years ago frequently arranged art exhibitions, music gigs and competitions, such as Plezuro Illustration Challange, and special guest performances by Anna Järvinen among others. Stylists and press are welcome to borrow items from the store for photo shoots and other occations.