Tuesday, December 7, 2010

As lonely as I

I grabbed your arm, and you let me steer
I bet that you knew, where it would lead
pulling and tearing, I knew what I wanted
why do you tease me, tease me to pieces?

You can’t read my mind, mysterious skin
well truth is darling, I got it all wrong
cause I want what you have, and I have what you need
but the need that you have, is not to be needed

I will tear you up, and scream out loud
face all fears, till the air runs out
I wanna hit real hard, and shake you well
have you ever felt lonely, as lonely as I?

I am sorry for fooling, those who were sorry
for upward and forward, for turning to sorrow
strong and fulfilling, I marched to your beat
so sorry for wanting, what no one expects

Disregarding the fact, that I am still here
reject or unwind, oh silence shreds
miming or whispering, at the top of my lungs
have you ever been lonely, as lonely as I?

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