Wednesday, April 25, 2012

One Window Gallery Malmö

Picture belongs to One Window Gallery
One Window Gallery opens on May 1'st on Östervärnsgatan 16C in Malmö and is showcasing one new artist a month in a street level window. I'm going to show there September 16 to October 12, woohooo!

The woman behind this gallery is multi-artist Helena Alvesalo who recently moved into an apartment on this address. In the window of her bedroom she placed two big ceramic scultptures and she instantly noticed how people passing by stopped to have a look, pointing, smiling. One day a whole kindergarten class stood outside the window peeking and babbling and she realized it was time to start One Window Gallery.

It's a minimalistic gallery for the people passing by, a street gallery with room for only one piece of art at a time. Most visitors are prolly not frequently running to art galleries, some are commutators, some are pensionists,  some live in Värnhem and some are in the neighbourhood to visit their lover. But what they all have in common is to pass this window.

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