Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Please, won't you love me a bit more?

First of all I'll just give you this sneak peak from Spring/Summer-10. Will this be a bestseller? People pretend to like it anyway...well, I like it.

I am definitely an evening person and I dread for tomorrow morning! My train leaves the Central Station at 07.14 for Borås, the textile Mekka of Sweden. I have appointments with a couple of fabric agents and a sewing facory that hopefully will be able to help me with sampling. I'll bring the camera!

I've been at home not working for a while now and I'm booooored...and behind schedule! I don't have the time to get ill, and for that same reason I have ended up right where I am at the moment. These first couple of years with RM is a PAIN! I long for the day when I can afford a staff. Please, everyone out there, won't you love me a bit more? Or just give me a fucking chance!

Anyway, I'm feeling better now and I'm ready to get down to business!!! Yesterday I got an update from New York and was told that a couple of stores now have confirmed their orders for the upcoming Spring/Summer. On top of it all I just received a lovely e-mail from Wesley at Made From Plastic who loves my designs! Thanks W, you made my day!

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