Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Factory Girl

Soooo, there has been a while...but I'm back now! A while ago I visited the factory that produced my black and white striped jackets for the Berlin store Flex-Fashion-Interior. I received a mid season order and of course I didn't want to turn that down. To get a short lead time, I went to a local factory in Borås and I thought I'd treat you with a few pictures from my visit.

Here is what happens in a sewing factory: The fabric is spread in layers and then you cut.......with this hard core band knife.
Hang the cut parts in the clips, and fill the little bags with accessories like buttons and labels.
Off you go!
Your stuff is brought to the right machine on the rail in the ceiling.
When you have sewn what you need, attach the half made garment to the clip again, and send it off to the next machine.
This is an overlock machine, you know the one with all the threads that you find in jersey t-shirts for example.
And this is a one-needle machine, extra strong.
And here I am totally alone at Alvesta train station with an hour to kill. The timer function on my camera is so much fun!

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