Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lady Gaga's Ravishing Mad dress in Malmö Sweden

Lady Gaga is coming to town this weekend so the local newspaper Tidningen City here in Malmö decided to dedicate a little project to her. They asked me and two other local designers to spend a couple of hours each making her a crazy dress from secret material. We were separately given different materials to work with the day before yesterday and I got turquoise and gold coloured gift wrapping paper, the designer at Din Favoritpolack got a couple of cabbage heads and Robert Och Blad coffee cups, coffee filters and cake accessories.

Gaga's most outrageous costumes always seam to have a very clear theme no matter what it is and I found some images from her visit to Japan where she dressed as a crazy geisha. I thought to myself that since she's coming to Sweden I'd better make her something that reminds one of that. And what about the theme...well, I didn't find any outfits of her dressed as neither a flag nor a wrapped gift and I made a quick decision on what to do.

The dress, it had to be short. Gaga likes short, very short. I wrapped her in blue paper and made a huge shiny rousette in the front, cut the gold paper into a ribbon and tied her just as you always do ie like a cross all around the package. Never mind her head and crotch, Gaga doesn't give a fuck about conventions. And then loads of little cute parcels all over the skirt. The square foundation around the hips I made from an old shoe box I found in my wardrobe. I spent 4 hours with my glue gun and vóila! I named it GAGA GIVEAWAY.

Ida Annie Kyllerman, model and makeup artist, came over the following day and together we came up with a wicked makeup and hair style. I thought of the dress as a contrast between a young and cute birthday girl verses a fearless stage show artist. I curled her hair into lots of cork screws, Ida did an amazing job with the makeup. She enlarged her eyes with huge eylashes under the eyes and made graphic shapes of pink around the eyes and cheeks. Her bleached eyebrows fit perfectly into that crazy look.

Photographer Mårten Svemark took some vicious shots of Ida in my elevator and journalist Tara Moshizi wrote the article. They told us the editorial staff had turned Gaga crazy from the project and didn't allow any other music at the office that day. And when all the other City editions in the rest of the region of Southern Sweden heard of it all they decided to run it in all the editions today.

The dresses are displayed this weekend in the huge windows at street level of Tidningen City Malmö/Lund at Stortorget in Malmö.

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