Friday, July 1, 2011

Documentary about fashion

Sally Levi behind the film production company Film Trolley and Swedish Film/TV producer Peter Wirén recently asked me for an interview for their exciting new project called After a Fashion. A documentary about fashion and identity featuring two girls, Sally and Elsa, travelling to India, Sweden and USA to explore how identity creates fashion or vice versa. By visiting different cultures like a nudist camp, Sami inuites, and letting an Indian princess switching places with an Indian shopgirl, they ask themselves  whether personal expression can be either oppressed or enhanced through fashion and how differently people are received depending on what they wear.

Their journey is supported by interviews with people with different takes on fashion and that's where I come in together with Roger Dell from The Farnsworth Museum and Harvard University, Indian fashion designer Ritu Kumar, and American fashion designers Christian Joy and Ralph Lauren.

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  1. Grymt Anna, ska bli spännande att se filmen när den är klar!