Thursday, September 10, 2009

Something to brag about

Hi there,
Today I feel like doing some bragging...might be because I have dirty hair, the trucker suit on and those old slippers that always seem to manically attract all the little threads from the floor.

Sooo...what is there to brag about? Listen to this one: I was recognized as "Reinventor of denim" by fashion editor Alberto Caselli at the Italian fashion magazine Collezioni Sport and Street during Berlin Fashion Week in January 2009. (I have to bring these old stuff into the bragging or else there won't be much...please be a little forgiving.) But anyway, it resulted in this four page mono brand feature (in issue no 52) of Ravishing Mad that I got to style as I wished:

I covered this wall with some of my sketches at a gallery in Berlin in April and I liked it:
I trimmed the left side of my head the other day and it looks good. Well, maybe not perfect, but I did it before the weekend, so it's not completely fresh:
It is perhaps questionalble if the background of the last pic belongs to the bragging section, but with this one I simply had to choose which part of the photo to be happy about.

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