Monday, September 14, 2009

Party in mind

This weekend was amazing. My dear friend Hanna Hedman brought her friends and stayed with us over the weekend. Saturday night we went to Rust Din Røv at Rusk in Copenhagen, where my friend Johannes with JoJo DJ team played with Carsten Holm. It was pretty, dance, dance and something in between rock, electro blip blop, Rage Against the Machine, and some oldies. On Sunday, after just a few hours of sleep, we dragged ourselves to Malmö Konsthall to have jazz brunch and to take a look at the Sonic Youth exhibition. We got to record a single with reversed Caraoke, where I played the drums. Too bad none of us could play...hmmm, it sounded pretty experimental...I have to get a hold of that cd, so I can play it for you. In the meantime I'll just show you a pic from the tired, but yet joyful ;-) brunch.We're thinking of doing something in Berlin soon...A party with great music, great people and fashion...I'll definetly keep you updated! I love mixing fashion with other art forms and this will definitely be something independent and outside of fashion week.

I'm meeting the photographer Magnus Österhult tomorrow to talk about it. We're going to do a photo shoot next week with mixed RM stuff in this old printing factory just to get some nice pics together. He's going to Berlin too, and right now we're talking to a whole lot of people to get it all together. I have a special band, that I just love, in mind. And I hope they like us too ;-)

see you soon!

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