Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The impostor's syndrom

I get thrilled every time somebody writes to me and tell me they just discovered Ravishing Mad. Really happy, dancing around, laughing out loud!!! And I'm not famous enough yet to get any negative comments, hehe...but yet I live under the constant worry that I'm not doing well enough or that I'll be seen through as a humbug. You know, I don't know what I'm doing...I'm just doing. A little here and a little there, let's make that crotch drop a bit more and let's add a bow tie.

If I would have measured my success in money, I would have had to quit long time ago so that's not fair. So how do I know if I'm on the right track???

I know it's a bit foney, but I check the statistics on my homepage VERY often, call it an obsession if you will. The amount of visitors has steadily been around a thousand every month and it's all good.

But then I raise my eyebrow...I must have a smaller crowd that follows me in Niue! I am totally excited but have no idea what that means!!! Niue is a 269 km² island nation in the South Pacific Ocean. Its three priority economic sectors are Fisheries, Agriculture and Tourism and listen to this: inhabitants: 1600 people. Niue stands for around 1 % of the visitors and I'm dying of curiosity! Who are you???

I salute you Niue!!!


  1. I wasn't the original 1% from Niue to go onto your website but I picked up this blog on a google search for Niue. Yes we are in the South Pacific and now have a population of about 1100. More info on

  2. Hi Mark!!!I'm thrilled to meet you like this :-)