Thursday, December 10, 2009

Those jolly words

I collect words. I don’t know when it all begun, but I find myself thinking of them every now and then. How did you fancy the little word “humbug” that I throw in yesterday? It just sounds so funny, and it could make just anyone look up. Then there is the word “villain”. I just feel sorry for the crook that would ever be referred to as a villain. Straight out from a comic book. Poor thing, who would ever take him seriously or be as afraid of him as he would have wanted?

But then there are the really cruel ones like “conformity”. That’s scary, and even scarier is “the army of conformity”. Please don’t ever let me become their victim...! And there is more: “suppress the dissident”. Isn’t that what the army of conformity does? All those sssses makes it sound like it’s said by snake in Robin Hood.

I sometimes name the garments in my collections after those lovely words. I give them a personality and decide what their characters are up to. The big pocket villain is one of my favourites. She wears black pants disguised in the few lights of the night when everyone else is asleep. She sneaks around stealing whatever she can get and stuffs her big pockets into a jodphur silhouette.

"Marv", the nihilist hero, he actually is a person more than just a word. I dedicated a pair of jeans to this lead character of Frank Millers comic yarns about Sin City. Marv is personifying the film noir genre, a hard-boiled fighter with a heart of gold. I decided that he needed a pair of combat inspired jeans with built in knees and a loose crotch, not to interfere with his movements during fight. His silhouette had to be wicked to make him look cool enough. The ankle width was made slim to make it look like the jeans were tucked into his combat boots. Last but not least, the waistband was made higher on the sides just in case he would need a place to fasten his suspenders.


  1. I love this post. I love words. And I love finding out the story behind the designer and her pieces. I think I would make a great big pocket villain.