Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Foto: Epic People (all rights reserved)
She walked by Truls and saw him in his Marv drop crotch jeans and thought wow! So she came over and tried them on, but in the dressing room she became friends with this other girl that was trying on a pair of Big Pocket. -I'll let you try them on if you promise to give them back...!
*AAahHrg agony! what to chose?* she thought, both jeans looked wicked on and the question was: was there even another pair in the right size? Yeah baby there was, so she went for the Big Pocket and I asked her for her number. Now she's a model.


  1. Best. Pair. Of. Trousers. Ever.?.

    Bought 'em of the Möllan market and hasn't been able to get out of 'em since. (Not due to sudden weight increase - purely emotional.)

  2. aaawwww, thank you thank you thank you!!!!!