Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Greatest fashion show ever in Malmö - 38 minuter modevisning

I felt someone had to do something about the non existing fashion scene in Malmö...Loads of great brands and designers run their own brands here and show their collections on fashion weeks around the world! But Malmö is a small town without its own fashion week and the designers live here incognito until they suddenly pop up in New York, Paris or Berlin. I have no idea of how it's even possible that this town, that even lacks a proper design school, is filled with so many designers. Anyhow, it was just a matter of time until we got together and did something about it all!

Soo...Jenny Grettve and I decided to show our home audience what they didn't know excisted. We decided to open the SS-12 season together with designer Maxjenny by creating a big fashion show on the same level as we would on our international shows. If you ask me, this is already tradition: let's always open the season at home, no matter where we live!

Jenny, who is also a musician and an architect is used to working with different media and I, who love my camera and have been dancing a whole lot my entire life, got together two weeks ago to film a teaser video together using the sum of all our experience from different art forms.

We asked ourselves: how to show fashion without showing clothes? Easy, it's all about statement and image, fashion is so much more that just clothes. Actually, not showing our collections in this video was more important! You'll have to come to the show to see them!!!

Professional Danish Voguing/Waacking and House dancer Camilla Dueholm came over to Malmö and did her wicked moves in my basement. My basement is a good place, remember the other vid we shot there? And then we met up with cool Mary-Anne Buyondo (who has square hair and is a naturally born dancer without any training which is confusing and enviable) and made her skinny dip in the sea and dance naked in the middle of the night in a huge soccer field.

Jenny made a tune with a cool industrial feel to it and we played it loud and nice in the basement and soccer field locations that night. Yes, I brought giffles from Pågen, I cannot work without them! And I filmed and took snapshots and danced a little. Jenny danced too, it was a fantastic night.

38 minutes fashion - teaser - upcoming show in Malmö from Ravishing Mad on Vimeo.

We talked to a whole bunch of good people and asked them to help us out and now the show is fully sponsored by all the coolest companies in Malmö! We talked to the casting agency Epic People for example and they got us 30 fabulous models, and 3 different hair salons: Blissiz, Big Hair Mama and Genko Hårdesign will close down their businesses that day just to help us out. Yeah baby, and Mitt Möllan let us lend their parking garage emptied from cars (you know I have a blistering weekness for raw environments, right?) My husband Truls who works at Inka made us a homepage, Lunds tältuthyrning got us the chairs, music collective House Music With Love aka the people behind Skandinavia's biggets house and techno blog will dj and set up the sound system, makeup artist Anne Hanson and her crew will do their thing and we got light from Highway ljud och ljus. And even more companies are signing up as I write this post...!

So watch the video and spread the word! And btw, don't forget to rsvp asap, there is a limit to how many we'll let in. WWW.38MINUTER.SE

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