Thursday, January 17, 2013

Like a long lost lover

When I was 13 and the world turned its back on vinyl and I was given my very first CD, it was a Jon Bon Jovi album. I absolutely loved it, but forgot all about him in a while...until I graduated at 19 and a good friend quoted him and wrote the words "You give love a bad name" inside my student hat. And now 15 years later I suddenly hear from him again like an old lover. Apparently he has opened a non-profit restaurant in Red Bank called Soul Kitchen, it's situated just south from NYC. The food is healthy and organic, you might be seated by someone you don't know and everyone is welcome: The menu has no prices, you pay what you can afford, you may even volunteer and get a voucher for a meal in return in case your back pocket is empty. This is so cool!

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