Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Can't wait for the new deliveries!

We are now about to deliver the Spring/Summer 2010 collection to some stores and have started to shoot some pictures for our webshop. I know I have been talking about the webshop forever, so you probably don't believe in me anymore....I hope to win you back. To download the S/S-10 catalog, click on this link:

We have also produced some amazing tees and tank tops in organic cotton and the quality is just to die for, if I say so myself, hehe. The cotton is organically grown in the Canete Valley in southern Peru and is dyed black and knitted in Sweden.
We have used s/z yarn, which means that every other yarn thread is twisted in the opposite direction and that compensates those horrible twisted side seams you sometimes get after washing a cheap single jersey garment. If you look closely at the fabric, you'll see that the loops look like szszsz, instead of ssssss.
The garments are then sewn in Portugal and they did a fantastic job!!! The styles I made are the Messed up tank top and the penguin sleeved unisex tee (with tucked up sleeves). I also made the cut and sewn black/white striped tee, and the off white stripes are made by organically grown cotton from Gujarat in Northern India. It has the perfect off white shade, not too much and not too little!

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  1. How exciting! I love the tucked up sleeves. And of course the jeans and black pants. Do you want my mailing address? :)