Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's just words

I do realize that I'm excessively using the word gorgeous. I started out with wicked, but since one of my friends kept reminding me about my addiction (yes, you know who you are!) I eventually replaced it. Unfortunately the word gorgeous lacks the wickedness of wicked...I actually borrowed gorgeous from my Polish factory contact. I never heard her say it, but it sounded so awesome inside my head, on her fabulous polish accent, every time she wrote it in her e-mails.

So what to do? I need a new word that is more me. Should I go ghetto and say "off the chain"? Think not...
Ravishing would be pretty cliche, so that is out of the question.

Now I'm collecting the ugliest words I can come up with. I'm thinking, which are the words that I despise, or even better, wouldn't sound credible saying? Uber is really bad, just as dope, fly, tight, and the shit. Mega is pretty good too, especially since it's so retro...