Saturday, February 6, 2010

No rest for the wicked

This Spring will be the best ever, I've got so many great things going on right now. First of all I'm doing a short film with my friends André and Mårten and there is no limit to the excitement I feel for this project! I simply can't wait to get started and the planning stage that we're in at the moment is gooood, it makes me happy. I so want to tell you all about it, but then again I wouldn't want to spoil the experience. We're going to to everything ourselves, including the acting, and it'll just be so wonderfully low tech.

This is actually the beginning of new times for me. Finally, finally, finally I have sorted out some of that incredibly boring stuff that was necessary when starting up a new business. I now know who to contact when I need a certain fabric, the factories I've changed into are doing a fantastic job and the list could be longer... However, I no longer need to compromise with my ideas because I have the tools to go through with them. Can you imagine how many ideas for films, exhibitions and art project I have put on hold the last couple of years because I was burnt out from all the practical stuff? I have run out of excuses on why I shouldn't live my life exactly as I want it, and just to realize that is a revelation in itself.

There is one thing that beats everything else, which is that I have finally found the people that I want to work with. It's strange to write it down like this, because you guys will probably read it and it might sound like I was trying to butter you up. Well, DEAL WITH IT!!!

So I feel ready to make a New Life Resolution. I will no longer compromise with what I believe in! There it is. Just shoot me if I do.

Oh, and I will buy myself a synthesizer too.

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  1. How exciting! Congrats on finally getting 'there'!