Sunday, February 14, 2010

Styling the band beind Rebekkamaria

as in rebekkamaria, ravishing mad, styling the bandYesterday I met up with the guys that play with Rebekkamaria to get them some clothes for their gig at Vega in Copenhagen. They always put on great shows and yesterday we just felt like crashing the Firetrap party by styling them in Ravishing Mad. All the guys got the Marv drop crotch jeans. Johannes Dybkjær on drums wore them with the striped t-shirt called the Slumbering Fool and the Struggling Musician cardigan. Don't take it personal J. Rebecka at the keyboard wore those wicked leather gloves with fringes and Mattias Svensson had the orange collar shirt on, you know the one with tucked up sleeves that makes you look like he-man. Johannes Nidam on base and guitar looked pretty damn good in that grey collar shirt. I pimped it for the evening with some black shoulder pads with leather fringes.

I also had some time to drink fake champagne at Obskur nearby and it was lovely. I met some great people and I'm happy to announce that they now stock the Marv drop crotch jeans, all the t-shirts, the messed up tank top, and the asymmetrical black shirt-dress that shows one shoulder.

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