Monday, March 1, 2010

Fashion videos

Saturday Ravishing Mad started a new project that I'm so very excited about. We're making paraphrases of 10 different known photographies and each of them comes with a music video of the making. The first one will be released tomorrow I think...We did everything ourselves together with our friends and in this particular one, me and my lover/partner in crime/husband Truls have the leading parts on screen. André is in charge of the camera as always, Mårten has made the music, and Sofia helped with the filming. And we're all certainly wearing Ravishing Mad.
Last week André and I went to check out locations for another of our fashion videos. We found some great garages that might work, and while we were at it, we thought we'd just play around with the camera a bit. We bumped into this metal grid wall and tried out the compact camera together with the big flash.
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