Monday, May 17, 2010

The Paraphrase Project

ravishing mad, anna österlund, truls bråhammar, paraphrase john     lennon yoko ono, paraphrase, annie leibovitz
The Paraphrase project is our latest thing that we have going on. It started out when André asked me and Truls to do our own version of the Leibowitz photo of John and Yoko earlier this year. Two days before we were gonna do it, I saw this fashion video that made me throw up. You know the kind with the young, sexy, naive model semi-porning around in an apartment,implying that she’s getting high even though she’s just smoking plain cigarettes and drinking foxy cocktails.
And hey! make sure she doesn’t show more than an occasional nipple, cause we don’t wanna risk upsetting anyone!

So I said: -let’s make a video of us taking that photo! And let’s do it in the total opposite way from that video we just saw, let’s just keep it raw, simple and true. I think the whole session took less than an hour, and the same with the editing. Later on that day, when we spoke on the phone, we chattered and cheered from exhilaration and came to the conclusion that this was just the beginning of something unstoppable, so we immediately started planning on which photos to do next. So far we’ve made these three paraphrases, and we have seven more to go. I’m loving every minute of it!

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  1. He´s so humble it borders on stupid;-)