Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mårten Charlie Stener Damgaard

Mårten lives his life as it were a film. He comes from the world metropole of Sorø in Denmark, which has the staggering population of 7743 people, but don’t let that fool you. He is the RM maestro himself, has a heart of gold, and is one of my dearest friends.

This is the guy with the many alter egos. He differs between his names Mårten, and Charlie, according to mood, and you also might know him as my ‘in house model’, ‘meconium’ or ‘Charlie Campari’. For me, he goes under the name Mårten, and I know him in English...because my Danish ear sucks.


(Photo above: Mårten in Ravishing Mad AW-10 collection, 
photo by André de Loisted)

Music is his tool, but he’s got some thrilling fashion skills too. He’s played in all kinds of bands from sad heavy metal, insanely cool indie rock, spasmic electro, and much more. His latest project, Sir Charles, is most of the time just him and his tiny guitar in a very cool and unpolished setting with honest lyrics and a pinch of humour and irony. Like honey with salt. Mårten has recently started sketching on some crazy clothes too, and is filled with ideas that we’re incorporating into my latest collection. In the end of August we’re gonna perform together in Stockholm.

He also wrote and performed the song ‘I luv horse’, that we used in the Justify My Love paraphrase video. We thought it’d be such a fun and unexpected contrast to combine that video where I’m smoking for the first time in my life, with a song that is about such heavy shit. The first time I heard this song, Mårten was sitting on the floor of my messy working space at 2 in the morning playing it, while I was sewing. There is something about working late at night that I’ve always loved, and this occasion was so very special to me.

(Photo above: Mårten in Ravishing Mad clothes, 
photo by Mårten Svemark for Newspaper City Malmö/Lund)

(Photo above: Mårten and Ida Annie Kyllerman modelling in Ravishing Mad jeans, 
photo by me Anna Österlund)

So here it comes: a fun little video featuring me in a first-time-smoking-session, accompanied by Mårten’s music, André’s photo and Ravishing Mad clothes. It’s the third out of ten paraphrases of known photographies that we’re making this Spring and Summer. This one is referring to the Madonna album cover Justify My Love and we filmed it at the Victoria Theatre in Malmö just a month ago.

Oh, maybe I should post the photo André took of me first. Yeah, it's the one to the right. This photo is what the fuss is all about in the video. I mean, I thought it kinda odd, unmotivated and fake to put a cig into my mouth just for a photo. If I was gonna do it, it had to be the real way, and then you get to laugh at me!

(Photo to the right: Me in a Madonna paraphrase, photo by André de Loisted)

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