Monday, May 24, 2010

My way or the highway

As I read through this blog I realize that I have a way of sounding positive even when I’m not. That is fucking awful. I’m just like those moms I despise so much, you know the ones that put their kids on a pedestal going on and on about how perfect they are. Only I do it with Ravishing Mad. And the amount of exclamation marks is overwhelming. There has to be a change.
I think I have a problem admitting when things are not all well, cause I’m afraid of showing my weaknesses. A fact is that my temper is pretty up and down, and I think too much. Right now I’m in this period of my life where I have started to question everything that I do. So why not thresh the topic Ravishing Mad a little more? My work within the brand has been pulled in directions that I didn’t consciously choose, and in a way I feel that I’ve lost myself. This feeling has grown on me for a while and only recently I started to put it into words. There are a few things that I know for sure, and I’d better just write them down so it’ll be easier to charge me for manslaughter the day I go against them and accidentally murder RM.

Ravishing Mad exists because I want to work artistically with fashion without being IN the world of fashion where there are rights and wrongs, smearing smiles, high horses and above all the business expression “but that’s how it’s done, everyone else…” Second, I don’t care about the seasons and I wear the clothes that I like all year around. If the Summer is cold, a flannel shirt or wool cardigan is perfect, and if the winter is warm a denim jacket works perfectly well. I always like washed out black and bright red, it’s simply not a seasonal thing for me…just as the gender label people put on clothes. Half of the things I buy are from the men’s apartment and I love the idea of unisex styles. It has nothing to do with trying to erase gender, but I don’t think it’s defendable to refuse wearing something gorgeous or match things in a particular way cause it wasn’t meant to be that way.

Growing up, I always did things my own way, and it wasn’t always easy. I really need to remind myself right now that I like it like that, and I’m not happy when I let the surroundings control me. What I just realized was that I lately haven’t been doing things in that manner, so I need to rethink. I’m turning my world around with a little help from my friends and we make it right again…I’m going back to my roots and I feel love.

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