Friday, May 21, 2010

Hanna Hedman

It has been mentioned that hiding some of my talents isn’t appreciated, so I thought I’d tell you about at least one of them since it also includes my friend Hanna Hedman. Back in the days when I used to hang about with Kim Gordon, we did some very cool gigs that were also recorded. Kim off course had a thing for singing, but the rest of us switched instruments whenever. Once, we hooked up with my friends Josephine Günther, Lina Torsvall, jewlery desinger Hanna Hedman, and ceramic crafts designer Joanna Günther. That was when I for the first time tried to play the drums, Roland D50 is where I’m usually at home. We called ourselves The Random Slippers, which kinda fitted our sound like a glove.

I think Hanna did the chorus on that recording, but if I remember correctly she was afraid of the mic. That explains the few moments of sound she manages to bless our ears with on this one.

Now it's time to cut to the chase, I want tell you more about this sweet friend mine, and her wickedly divine work. Check this out, here are some of my favourites from different collections she has made last two or three years. Metal sheets from silver, steal and powder coated copper with hand drilled holes, syntetic fibers, pearls and paint.

Her first collection Enough Tears To Cry For Two was heartbreaking with its dripping darkness and thewy anguish. I love it so much! It was followed by What You Tell Is Not Always What You Have Experienced, which was inspired by how stories change depending on the narrator and how a person’s personality can consist of as much fantasy as realism. Its contrasts between humour and melancholy is brilliant I think. Isn't that fish necklace the best ever?

Hanna and I met for the first time in Amsterdam two years ago, when we and some other designers were invited to show our work to celebrate the 25’th aniversary of the fashion fair Modefabriek. Hanna strikes you as pretty calm at first, but as it turns out she is also very cool and fast. Hanna is the girl that within only a few weeks: impulsively went to New Zealand, knocked out both her front teeth, was robbed at the supermarket, dropped out of school and came back, and made one of the most scaringly depressive and fantastic jewlery collections ever.

Her work is very well appreciated all over the world and it feels like she’s always out travelling. A few weeks ago she went to Mexico to attend the Gray Area Gris symposium in Mexico City, recently showed at the art fair Collect in London, did a single show at Soda in Istanbul, and all kinds of other exhibitions at galleries in Sweden, USA, Netherlands, Germany and Poland, Japan and New Zealand.

I very much hope to work with her soon, we have talked about it before, but now I have a project in mind that she hopefully can't resist. (Note how I consciously try to influence her answer by going public with my wish.) Have fun in Japan, Hanna, and let's talk when you get back!

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