Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Truls Bråhammar

I fell in love with Truls the first time I ever layed eyes on him. That was back in 1998. He rarely spoke and was just being gorgeous and mysterious. I watched him take his shirt off and he had some long dark marks all over his back as if he had been whipped. It fascinated me. As it turned out, he was a climber and just burnt his back on the rope a few days earlier, but it didn’t really matter. I was already hooked.

We have now been together for 12 years and run Ravishing Mad together. He was the one convincing me to quit studying political science and start being creative instead. Truls is probably the happiest, most positive, calm, secure and loving person I have ever met. He keeps me grounded and takes the drama out of the blacks and the whites in my mood.

It’s kinda annoying that he’s so good at almost anything he tries out for the first time. Among his extraordinary skills really worth mentioning are: carpenting, computer programming, flamenco dancing, playing the guitar and singing, writing very cool texts, fishing, skiing, climbing, solving any technical problems concerning an industrial sewing machine, and not to forget his excellent cooking skills. He also says things like: “it’s the work of a fucking genious!” when he diggs something I made. Well, he knows how to keep the wifey happy!

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  1. I love him too - and I feel the same annoyance at his being so good at everything he does.